JISC:From Prospectus to Alumnus

JISC consultation on ‘From Prospectus to Alumnus’


I attended a JISC consultative workshop is designed to gather views on what is needed for the whole life-cycle of the student (from reading the first University prospectus to graduating and becoming an alumnus)

Some of the intermediate step identified by JISC were

Widening participation> pre-application> application> pre-registration> registration>induction> learning &teaching and assessment> pastoral care>employability ,placements, career services>graduation>Alumni.

Other steps identified at the workshop were: timetabling, exam delivery, library services.

The workshops was attended by a variety of people with responsibilities for student records , L&T design , timetabling and teaching.

We had lots of discussions , filled up many post-it notes that were hanged up on several board….The main issues identified were:


The need for a system that can collect information from a number of sources (student records , VLE activities etc)

This information should the be available ( in different formats) to all from a central ‘analytics team’ to deans, subject heads, program leaders, module leaders, personal tutors and the individual students

Feedback to Students

The group stressed the importance of integrating a number of practices such as electronic feedback, peer review, feed forward, analytics (see above) and e-portfolio to allow students to better analyse their own progress. It was also considered important to have clear assessment criteria and the use of peer assessment , e-rubrics was mentioned

Importance of top level Strategy

The group recognised that often in institutions different approaches are taken by different departments. Although the needs may be different it is important to have central steer, drive and support.

JISC will repeat this workshop in 3 other cities and then will organize an ‘actions workshop’

In summing up there was a general feeling for the need for the development of a flexible but comprehensive information system that could gather information from multiple sources to support the student throughout her/his life before , at and after HE. Could JISC do that for all HEIs??


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    Here is the link to the JISC summary of the workshop:


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