Using Moodle Group Choice to organise site visits

Mike Hurst , Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering , ACE

site visit

Mike is responsible for organising a programme of site visits for civil engineering, construction and surveying students. Site visits are optional and places are often limited. In addition students commiting to attend often have to be briefed and complete forms relating to their visit in advance.

The Group Choice activity within Moodle enables Mike to allow students to choose and sign-up online to the appropriate Group(s) for the site visit to which they wish to attend . The list of groups that the students can choose from  must be set up in advance (using the “Settings > Users > Groups” options) and these may then be opened up for students to sign-up to in a Group Choice activity.

sign_up_link    sign_up_options_edit

Useful  additional options include:

  • Allowing students to change their Group choice,
  • Setting a time period for their choices to be finalised,
  • Allowing students to see group members – before they sign-up,
  • Limiting the maximum number of members for each group
  • Downloading a list of Group Members in Excel format

Guide on Using the Group Choice activity in Moodle.

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