Key TEL organisations (ALT, HEA, JISC…)

Association for Learning Technology (ALT)


ALT-C conference:

Publications (newsletter, open access journal et al:

Jisc – ‘UK’s expert on digital technologies for education and research’

Main website:


N.B. There is a wealth of resources on the Jisc site – difficult to do justice here.

Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Website: (check for upcoming events in subject disciplines as well as generally)

Flexible Learning resources:

Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL)

HEFCE funded partnership of ALT, HEA, JISC, NUS and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education


 Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA)

Amongst other broader IT initiatives they organise surveys and produce publications of relevance to the TEL community.

TEL Surveys:


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