Using the Turnitin iPad App for offline marking

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 “It works well and is quite simple to set up.”
S. Casalotti, Senior Lecturer


Turnitin is the mechanism used at UEL for electronic submission of assignments and electronic marking. One of the major drawbacks of using Turnitin for lecturers has been that you needed to be connected to the university network in order to mark electronically. Many people may prefer to mark when they’re commuting or sitting outside and not necessarily in front of a networked computer.

In September 2013, Turnitin developed an App so that marking can now be done on an iPad without needing to be online.

Using the App:

Download the free Turnitin App from the App Store  to your iPad.  Add the assignment you want to mark using an access code obtained from within the regular online version of Turnitin.


The App works well and is quite simple to set up. It has a slightly different layout but includes all the components of the online version, such as Quickmarks and Rubrics. Once you have finished marking offline, you need to remember to synchronise the iPad with Turnitin online to upload your marked assignments before you log out.


The App gives lecturers the flexibility to mark without needing to be online e.g. commuting to work, travelling, outdoors etc.


1. Always synchronise your work regularly while marking offline to reduce the risk of losing any changes if the App malfunctions. For the same reason, it’s best not to  change any of the App settings while you have assignments open.

2.  It’s not advisable to use the Turnitin App on assignments with multiple markers as this could lead to conflicts with synchronizing updated work. For example, if two markers are marking offline at the same time, the second person to synchronise will overwrite the first set of synced updates.

3. The App is only for iPAD at the moment but there may be an Android version in the future.


Dr Stefano Casalotti, Senior Lecturer and LiLT

How to guide:

Setting up and getting started with the iPad Turnitin App

More information on the App features:


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