23 online tasks for librarians (via Libby)

So what is ’23 Things’ anyway?
23 Things is a self-directed course aimed at introducing you to a range of tools that could help your personal and professional development as a librarian, information professional or something else.  Each week, we’ll write about one or more tool from our list of 23 things and invite you to try it out and/or reflect on how it could help your professional development.  Some of the tasks will be practical Things for you to try out straight away, and some of them will be less immediate: ideas to try in the future, or things you can start working towards now and realise in due course or when opportunity arises!’

Source: http://cpd23.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/all-about-23-things.html

Could something like this work for staff at UEL (not just librarians)? See also 30 elearning tasks for trainee teachers

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