Participating in an open learning course

I recently participated in an open online course about Flexible Online Learning FDOL141 jointly organised by Chrissi Nerantzi, @chrissinerantzi (Manchester Metropolitan University UK) and Lars Uhlin, @laruhl (Karolinska Institute Sweeden)

The course ran for 6 weeks where on each week  we focussed on a specific topic such as ‘digital literacy’ , ‘supporting learners’ etc.  You had the option of simply joining the course , reading the recommended papers, blogs etc . You were also encouraged to keep and share a blog  . You could also join a PBL group. Each group consisted of two facilitators that had done the same course the previous year, and 6-8 participants. I joined one of these groups and we had weekly ‘google hangout’ meetings.  A t these meetings we further discussed the topics and tried to produce a common presentation. For example we produced this Prezi presentation.  I also kept my reflective blog (not very well)

Overall I really enjoyed the course, but as I said in my blog, I wish I could have dedicated more time to it. The Hangout sessions were really useful and it really demonstrated how you can work collaboratively using the appropriate resources. One thing I certainly learned from this  is that I have to learn a lot more about open learning whether for distance learning or for blended learning (and it is the latter that I am mainly interested in). And the way to learn is by participating to activities such as this that I have described and of course reading blogs , articles etc.  Since then I am trying to check my twitter account at least once a day :-)



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  1. Lindy Zubairy

    Sounds really practical and directly useful Stefano. My studies with the OU have been very rich and interesting but perhaps less directly practical as that. There’s never enough time, is there!


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